Dominic Pelicano Memorial Foundation Donors
To enable others in their quest for artistic excellence at MICA, we encourage and support monetary donations to the Dominic Pelicano Memorial Scholarship Fund. If you would like to extend your support, please send all monetary donations to:

Dominic Pelicano Memorial Scholarship Fund
Morgan Keegan & Co, Inc.
2101 Gaither Road, Suite 100
Park Plaza I
Rockville, MD 20850

In Memory of Mary D. Townsend 2/14/1929 - 3/31/2009, Dominic's Grandmother, the family thanks the following donors:
Robert & Linda Baumler
Cheryl Bingham
Bill & Lydia Chater
Paul Christ
Marc Fanelli
Bob & Karel Fick
Jerry Gates
Margaret & Joseph Kingsley
Don & Gina Ostmann

Foundation Donors
Anzuis, Kathleen
Barton, Brian & Diana
Barton, Eleanore
Baumler, Robert & Linda
Beall, Shelley
Berardino, Louis & Patricia
Billig, Fred
Brown, James Lee
Bugden, Stephen & Judy
Cameron, Joanne
Cauble, Erin and Richard
Cauble, Rick and Cindy
Cervenka, Kenneth & Cynthia
Chater, William & Lydia
C.T. Stanley & Son, Inc.
Diatz, Stacy
Dumars, Kristine

Espinoza, Juan and Kathryn
Esposito, Patsy & Joanne

Fleury, Gereard and Nancy
Fick, Robert & Karel
GarciaAnne-Dumars-Soldano, Judith
Gates, Jerome
Georgeson, James
Gerdes, Frank & Annette
Haines, Allen & Robin
Hendricks, Jim & Beth
Honeman, Gary
Honse, Charles & Patricia

Hunt, Peggy and Bradley
Jacobs, Carol & Gary
Kelly, Peggy
Kenealy, William & Joan
Latona, Kathryn
Latona, Patricia
John & Mabel
Linkous, Robert & Sherry
Lundy, Diane
Ly, Loan T. Nguyen
McDonald, Joe & Joyce
McDonald, Kevin & Jeanette

McDonald, Jim and Therese
MNC Park Police - Prince Georges County
Montgomery County Dept of Housing & Comm. Affairs
Mott, Sharon
Murphy, Donald & Susan
Ostmann, Donald & Gina
Ostmann, Jim

Palmisano, Debbie
Paradiso, Benedict & Jerilyn
Pelicano, Therese
Pelicano, Rick
Pownell, Rodney & Catherine
Russell, Ralph & Jeannette
John & Gioia
Sellers, Bobby & Susan
Siegel, Abraham & Nora
Smith, Kelly & Bruce
John & Patricia Koester
Smith, Joseph & Kathleen
Soltzfus, Robert
Stein, Alan & Etta
Stern, Paul & Joanne
Tkac, Lisa
Tortorella, James
Townsend Industries
Townsend, Richard &  Mary Dorothy
Tucker, Steve & Linda
Turley, Thomas & Kathleen
Turner, Michael & Sharon

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